RaceReplay v12 and PerfQuery v8. Check out what's new.

Installation requirements

-   Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
-   Microsoft .Net 4.5 framework
-   Microsoft Office 2010 or later
-   Display (in Windows Control Panel) is set to 'smaller 100%'

Download instructions

-   Make sure you have correctly set your computer's regional settings
-   All programs must be run with administrator rights
-   Download and install the desired product
-   For licensing run the program and email us the REF KEY you are prompted with
-   Demo data is availbale from the 'Support Files' download
-   Usb dongle licence updates require the Dongle Updater from 'Misc Tools' download

Support Files:
Misc Tools:
Older Versions:

NOTE: Some antiviruses may warn you about a possible threat and refuse to download/install some of our softwares. These are false positives. We are working on fixing the issue. In order to proceed you might need to turn your antivirus off temporarily during download and/or installation of our soft.

What's new?

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Version upgrade

If you wish to upgrade an applications to a new major versions (eg: version 8 to version 9) please contact us for upgrade pricing and procedure.