We deal with Performance. From the drawing board to the race course!

Racing performance relies on the correct assessment of the yacht and sails characteristics and on the crew's ability to sail as close as possible to the optimal targets. Our vision is to provide a global expertise of racing yachts. From CFD & VPP to Data Analysis. We are able to help defining accurate polars at the design stage as well as refining the targets and monitor the performance level after each single sailing day. With over 20 years of experience in numerical simulation and data analysis applied to automotive, aerospace and yachting, over 10 years of intensive development of our tools and methods for America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race and TP52 projects, we restlessly push our R&D to stay on the leading edge. CFD

Yacht development services

Today, one can easily find consultants providing CFD, VPP or Data Analysis services. However, few combine the three capabilities together and even fewer offer services of experts having proven experience in The America's Cup, the Volvo Ocean Race, Vendee Globe, Grand Prix series and the Olympics. Leading projects worldwide understand the difference and this is why we have enjoyed working directly with Areva Challenge in the America's Cup, Groupama in the Volvo Ocean Race, Virbac in the Vendee Globe, Alegre in IRC72, Quantum Racing on the TP52 circuit and many more.

CFD Services

Our goal is to help our clients design better products within a shorter turnaround time while reducing the need for experimental (tank) expenses. Our experience working with large industrial corporations and successful yacht racing teams worldwide, from detailed CFD engineering to full program coordination allows us to tailor efficiently our services to clients' needs. We have specific prices for each type of simulation or project in order to make sure budgets are spent in the most sensible way, maximizing the benefits for your project. We perform our simulations on our own parallel server, using Panel code, OPEN FOAM & STAR-CCM+ solvers, allowing the restitution of most results in a turnaround time of less than 24 hours. Bulb

Americas Cup
2000 America True (FSI)
2007 Areva Challenge (hydro)
2007 UITG (hydro)
2008 K-Challenge (hydro)

2007 Safran (appendages)
2009 Veolia (FSI sails)
2011 Safran (appendages)
2008 Yngling (appendages - Bronze Beijing)
2010 Finn (rig)
2011 Lilia Star Design (hull & appendages)

2012 Alegre 3 (Hydro)
2013 A13 (Hydro)
2013 C&C 30 One Design (Hydro)
2013 Future Fibres (Aero)
2014 Volvo65 (Hydro for VPP)

VPP Services

With over 10 years of experience in racing yacht VPP development and very close relationships with our VPP developers, we are able to provide an efficient evaluation of the performance for any given yacht, using data coming from CFD, tank testing and wind tunnel. Where and when useful, we can develop and monitor tank and tunnel programs (we have direct experience of working with several of the world's top facilities including the Auckland Twisted Flow Wind Tunnel, Bassin d'Essai des Carènes, Hamburg and Berlin tanks...). Furthermore, we have developed a link between our VPP and Data Analysis to carry on validating our numerical results and refine the accuracy level of the predictions for new yachts.

Americas Cup
2003 Illbruck Challenge
2007 UITG
2008 Deutsche Challenge

2008 Tonerre de Breskens
2010 MagicCarpet3
2012 WinWin
2013 IchiBan
2010 Finn
2011 Lilia Star Design
2011 470

2008 Canting Keel 80'
2012 Vaquita - Class 40
2013 C&C30 One Design
2014 Volvo65

Data Analysis Services

Our performance analysis services are meant to help sailors deepen the understanding of their boat by confronting their feelings with numbers. Over the years we have developed an in depth understanding of calibration and have developed a set of procedures and reports to help improve performance (check out our Race Results).

The first step of this process is to check the quality of the data by assessing calibration. We generate comprehensive calibration reports which help navigators adjust their electronics and calibration tables. The immediate benefits while sailing: better laylines and targets. We then go on to identify stable sailing phases excluding all transition periods. These segments are presented to the teams in numerous graphs and reports with our comments, comparing the day’s numbers with current targets and historical data. We also generate tactical and strategic reports.

Beyond the daily performance, at the end of each regatta we will assist teams with the development of polars, targets and crossovers. Having stored all valid data in a database we are able to work on larger samples from a more statistical standpoint. We can thus identify the best performance and the related setups helping to develop targets for a new boat or a new configuration.

Check out our sample reports.