Version history

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RaceReplay2017-01-03 RaceReplay v12.0

  • New and improved ConfigFileManager
  • Create variables derived from target tables (eg: UpwindTargetHeel)
  • Automatically detect data peaks on the track (Menu->Tools->Data)
  • New and improved configuration of phases reports:
    • Conditional display
    • Customized labels of variables
    • Advanced multi layer phases grouping
    • Summary table
  • Profile graphs for viewing things like sail shapes
  • Concept of tack/gybes valid for calibration and for performance
  • Possibility to upload min/max/stddev values for phase variables in the database
  • Loading other boat tracks (Team version only)
    • Load more variables
    • OtherBoats table to view instant data and wand averaged data
    • View wands on other boat tracks
    • Export phase data for multiple boats

2016-01-28 RaceReplay v11.0

  • Calibration File: post-calibrate your log (Team version only)
  • ConfigFileManager: sign conventions of known variables, addition of a race CountDown variable
  • VMG Graphs:
    • split in upwind/downwind
    • Export a text or excel table from trend lines
  • XY graphs with more filtering options
  • Bin reports: mixed performance criteria (bsp% for reaching and vmg% for upwind/downwind
  • MultiVar Graph: view phases data in a graphical form.
  • Phases Report: add a condition on when to display numbers
  • General: export track to .kml (google earth) or .gpx
  • CrossoverChart: possibility to view the boat’s current TWS and TWA in the CrossoverChart

2015-08-26 RaceReplay v10.5

  • Redesigned VMG graph
    • One graph for upwind, one for downwind
    • Implementation of filters
    • Trendline uses filtered points only
    • Right-click a trend or a target line to export to text or excel
  • XY graphs:
    • Implemented a second set of filters
    • Right click a line and eport for printing
  • ConfigFileManager: invert sign of variables (eg: TRIM or HEEL) so as to match your personal sign convention
  • VSpars: specify name of stripe height, smart renaming of variables

2015-05-22 RaceReplay v10.4

  • Fixed bug where some users were experiencing crashes while exiting the Options window
  • Added a brand new RaceLegReport which uses Port/Stbd phases
  • All graphs now have optional font resizing
  • Added the possibility to import start mark positions from Bravo's StartFeatures.txt file
  • Proper management of log files where TWA and AWA variables are 0/360 instead of -180/180

2014-07-14 RaceReplay v10.3

  • Much improved performance in CPU and memory usage for large log files
  • Possibility to interpolate missing log lines (eg: for Expedition logs)
  • Phases table: Option for filtering to be cumulative or not
  • Display date, time, sailsUp and RaceLeg in boat and wand numbers table
  • View CrossoverChart in apparent wind

2014-05-02 RaceReplay v10.2

  • Time graphs: Select to show the absolute value of a variable, or to change its sign with TWA
  • Merged BoatDayConfig and DailyComments in a single window, and simplified DailyComments
  • Dongle and software versions merged
  • Improved colour schemes for sails

2014-03-26 RaceReplay v10.1

  • XYGraphs: filter panel to filter the datapoints and create trend lines in consequence
  • Autocreate phases between SailsUp events
  • BinReport: table configuration settings moved to the 'Options' window
  • Phases filters: multi select manual entry variables from list
  • Audio and video files
    • RaceReplay now accepts audio files!
    • Update multiple audio and video files in RaceReplay in one go
    • Save and reuse the way your files should be time synched with the track
    • Audio and videos appear on the track and in an AudioVideo table for fast access
    • All the information is stored in the event file for quick reloading
  • Make sure you install the latest RaceReplay v10.1 help file for full explanations
  • Memory and speed optimization for large files
    • From RaceReplay's startup page go to the 'Options' tab
    • Select the 'Optimize for large log files' option

2013-12-04 RaceReplay v10.0

  • New prestart and manoeuvres viewer for an in depth analysis
  • New concept of BoatDayConfig
  • New DataStats report: display a time distribution of values, easily spot Port/Stbd assymetries, compare performance in each leg of a race, etc...
  • Ability to colour and label points using any variables (in all graphs including CrossoverChart and PolarManager module) leading to a much more refined analysis
  • Customizable and reusable colour schemes
  • Improved readability and configurable numbers display
  • Remodeled menus and improved graphical interface

2013-02-05 RaceReplay v9.1

  • Manually selecting phases in the phase table highlights them in all other graphs
  • Marks can be renamed and imported from Deckman
  • Menu->File->New analysis takes you back to the startup page
  • Phases report with much more customization of variable statistics and colouring
  • Implemented aliases in CrossoverChart. A shape for J1 can now be associated to sailnames J1A and J1B
  • Improved second boat track loading
  • Compare two boat performance and VMG
  • Creation of phases files, making it easier to manage/save phases in a different file than the event file