Unleash your Frenchness!

Unleash your Frenchness!

What else? That would allow you to read the excellent  weekly newsletter from our Lorient friends from Tip and Shaft. This week, the Frenchies are posting a paper on the TP52 series including a few words from knd.

We have been involved in the series since 2009 with Quantum and All4One. We thought like most that the class would die after the 2010 season when the owners of Ran, Quantum and Azzura decided to put a significant effort to keep the class alive. As a result, from 5 boats in 2010, the class has grown quickly to about 10-12 teams featuring the highest level classic monohull racing.

We have had the chance to be involved directly with some of the most successful teams: Quantum, Ran, Platoon, all of them world champions. This year we work with 7 teams: Quantum, Platoon, Onda (the Quantum squad), Alegre and their training partners Sled, Gladiator and Onda.Bronenosec, Alegre, Phoenix, Gladiator, Onda. Other teams, Paprec and Provezza use our performance software internally.

The incredibly high level of the series is pushing us to improve our tools and methods. Among the developments arising from the class  are the multiboats analysis to help teams joining force and sharing data to progress faster.

We have also developed a unique ‘post racing routing’ which shows the best route based on a grib generated from the boats logs. The goal is to help tacticians an strategists understand better the day racing and the racing venue.

As a conclusion we would like to thank the owners who put so much enthusiasm and energy in the series to make it this unique high level sailing event.


Official inauguration of the IC37; New York Yacht Club One Design

Lots happening in Newport these days, in addition to the Volvo stopover (race lead by MAPFRE and DONGFENG, two teams we support for performance analysis), the IC37 official presentation will take place today in Newport. The selection by the NYYC of Mills Design supported by knd for hydrodynamics optimization, VPP and performance analysis is a testimony of the high quality of several Mark Mills on which we have worked ranging from the C&C30 and Cape31 to the Alegre IRC72 and the recently launched Wally Cento Tango, already first of the 100 footers in PalmaVela.

The IC37 is already so successful, well beyond the 20 boats ordered by the NYYC,  that a second builder has been commissioned in Europe in order to keep the pace with the orders!