Ongoing activities

The coming weeks are pretty busy for the whole knd team. We are supporting two teams (China and France) on site at the sail-GP 2019 final event in Marseille. In case you haven’t seen it yet, these videos explain what we do with the Chinese and the French teams.

Meanwhile we’ll also be on site with Alegre in Porto Cervo for the final TP52 SuperSeries event. As a matter of fact, we are also involved remotely with the whole fleet excepted one team.

The following week, action will move to the ‘Voiles de St Tropez’. While we are not as involved as last year in the event (Tango and Magic Blue are not racing this year) we will come to have a few meetings about some of our ongoing inshore and offshore projects.

Drop us a line if you would like to meet and talk about your team performance development.

2019 New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup

The first IC37  NYYC Invitational Cup is under way. We are thrilled to see 20 teams from all over the world competing in Newport waters as we were in charge of the CFD & VPP for the project. Beyond the NYYC one design racing, KANREKI won Cowes Week IRC1 class after missing the first race!

Follow the racing on the NYYC event website, including trac-trac and live video of the event.


2019 52 SuperSeries starts in Mahon

2019 52 SuperSeries starts in Mahon

Here we are, in the starting blocks of another 52 SuperSeries season. Once again the fleet will bring together passionate owners and most of the best sailors in the world for a 5 events championship. In 2019 knd will work with Alegre, Bronenosec, Gladiator, Phoenix 11 & 12, Platoon, Quantum Racing. Provezza carries on using our SPP performance analysis software. Overall we work 7 out of 10 entries.

What’s new this year? The most important change that has been starting a few years ago with the Quantum training group has now become a general trend. As a matter of fact, boats refinements are getting quite subtle and it becomes really hard to assess the progresses alone. Thus a couple of training partnerships have appeared beyond Quantum-Platoon as the Phoenixes and Gladiator on one hand and Alegre and Sled on the other hand are sharing their resources on and off the water to squeeze that extra bit of performance that will utlimately make the difference. Lineups are of course part of the common practices but coaches and teams also work on all sorts of drills to hone the team’s skills. And it works!

On our side this has lead us to launch quite a few new developments:

The post racing routing based on a grib built from the measured wind of the participating teams is an unique tool for afterguard debriefs and understanding of the regatta. Legs are analyzed in terms of wind speed and direction and an ideal route is proposed.






Ideal route (in black) and fleet routes; TWS variations and TWD variations 



The challenge of producing quality reports for more boats together with increasing the quality of the analysis also prompted us to launch the development of a new generation of reports reducing our team’s time spent doing ‘administrative’ tasks and freeing their minds to think about the data of the day. These tools work with single and multiple boats analysis from lineups to race legs.


Not a bad leg!
KND and rating rules

KND and rating rules

Great article in Seahorse magazine‘s April 2019 issue by Dobbs Davis and Larry Rosenfeld mentioning KND’s involvement in improving boat ratings. KND helps the group in generating accurate VPP polars as well as validating them with their data analysis tools. Here’s an extract:

“The collaboration between KND Sailing Performnace, OMA, MOCRA and ORC keeps progressing, and touched base during the first ORCmh group meeting in Valencia held in January. The very productive meeting helped to define the detailing process of merging the ORC and MultiRule approaches to refine the current multihull VPP moving forward.”

Jose Luis Ortin Montesinos