The Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) and the Offshore Multihull Association (OMA) have announced their partnership to develop a new handicap rule system called ORCmultihull, or ORCmh. This new system is intended to provide measurement, VPP rating and scoring tools for large performance multihulls, a new and exciting sector in offshore racing. This new handicap rule is an evolution of the MultiRule system, which OMA developed with help from the Sailing Yacht Research Foundation (SYRF) and KND Sailing Performance.

We are proud to have participated in this interesting project through our VPP and data analysis tools. We developed specific hydro and aerodynamic models for creating VPP polars, which were later refined with sailing data analysis after each race. These polars were then transformed to scoring polar used for correcting elapsed times from the race course, generating exciting racing between considerably different multihulls’ designs.

Read more about MultiRule here.

Photo credit © Christophe Jouany