Sailing data logs come in all shapes and forms. Sometimes they need to be tidied up before you can feed them to our tools.
The KndLogCleaner will let you

  • Regularize irregular timesteps
  • Interpolate data where it is occasionaly missing
  • Select only the variables you are interested in
  • Down-sample a large log (eg: work on a manageable 30 second rather than the original very large 1s offshore log)
  • Keep peak values of important variables despite a down-sampling
  • Offset all timestamps (eg: your log is in utc time but you prefer working with local times)
  • Offset the position of the gps onboard the boat (eg: in your studies you want to know when the bow of the boat crossed the start line, not the gps device)

Learn how to properly use the KndLogCleaner through this 12 minute video tutorial.