Simon Koster, Valentin Gautier & Justine Mettraux have set a new Class 40 record on board Banque du Leman. The reference time is now 7 days 6 hours and 25 minutes. They shaved 11 hours to the recent record set by arch-rival Credit Mutuel, the other scow bow Class40 design. We are more than happy of this result for the Mach40.4, a Manuard design to which knd contributed by providing VPP and CFD.

Banque du Leman is a special project for us as after the launch we have also been involved heavily in the performance development. Valentin Le Pivert, knd engineer in charge of the project: ‘I have the chance to sail regularly on Banque du Leman, not only she is a great Class 40 but I enjoy working with Simon and Valentin, they are involving us deeply in the performance development’.