Banque du Leman winner of the 2020 Normandy Channel Race.

What a race! From the light airs drifter along the English South Coast to the upwind section in 25-30kts TWS across the Channel to get back to Normandy. Banque du Leman and archrival Credit Mutuel were never further appart than 2-3nm over the last 24hours.
Congratulations to Valentin Gautier and Simon Koster for this well deserved success one month after establishing a new Round the British Islands record. Let’s not forget knd’s Valentin Le Pivert who has been following Banque du Leman since her launch working on the polars and crossovers. Valentin also sails and he was onboard for the delivery to Caen before the start of the race.


L’Occitane best performer in Defi Azimut 2020 runs

Today the Defi Azimut runs took place in front of Lorient. The Defi Azimut is the last event before the start of the Vendee Globe 2020 in November. L’Occitane was the fastest of the fleet by quite a margin!

A nice reward for the hard work of the whole team!

1 L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE Armel Tripon 03:05 (23,35 nds)
2 LINKEDOUT Thomas Ruyant 03:20 (21,60 nds)
3 ARKÉA PAPREC Sébastien Simon 03:23 (21,28 nds)
4 APIVIA Charlie Dalin 03:28 (20,77 nds)
5 INITIATIVES CŒUR Samantha Davies 03:28 (20,77 nds)
6 CHARAL Jérémie Beyou 03:34 (20,19 nds)
7 SEAEXPLORER – YACHT CLUB DE MONACO Boris Herrmann 03:49 (18,86 nds)
8 MACSF Isabelle Joschke 03:51 (18,70 nds)
9 PRB Kévin Escoffier 03:51 (18,70 nds)
10 TIME FOR OCEANS Stéphane Le Diraison 03:59 (18,08 nds)
Round Britain Record

Round Britain Record

Simon Koster, Valentin Gautier & Justine Mettraux have set a new Class 40 record on board Banque du Leman. The reference time is now 7 days 6 hours and 25 minutes. They shaved 11 hours to the recent record set by arch-rival Credit Mutuel, the other scow bow Class40 design. We are more than happy of this result for the Mach40.4, a Manuard design to which knd contributed by providing VPP and CFD.

Banque du Leman is a special project for us as after the launch we have also been involved heavily in the performance development. Valentin Le Pivert, knd engineer in charge of the project: ‘I have the chance to sail regularly on Banque du Leman, not only she is a great Class 40 but I enjoy working with Simon and Valentin, they are involving us deeply in the performance development’.