Performance Analysis

Sailing fast, understanding why

Performance Analysis

Over the years we have developed a large set of tools and methods specifically tailored for yacht racing. These can been fine tuned for each project, be it inshore or offshore.

Stay on top of your game with personalized data analysis and reports on a daily basis during your trainings and regattas. Either onsite or remotely we will generate a complete set of reports to help debrief your day.  Get a daily feedback on calibration, starting and performance levels as well as a full event report at the end of the regatta to develop and adjust your boats targets, sail cross-overs and polars.



Learn how to become an expert at doing your own analysis using the SailingPerformance tools and methods. Over a two day course, in our Valencia offices or at your location, we will answer your specific questions and teach you how to:

  • configure the software to read your data logs
  • detect calibration issues and apply corrections if necessary
  • filter the data to extract performance information
  • develop and refine polars, targets and sails crossovers
  • prepare reports to show the results to your team
  • save all your work in a database

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