Replay and analyze your sailing data

Upload your data log in order to replay your data. Use advanced algorithms for identifying calibration issues. View the data using a number of graphs and statistical modules. Create your performance reports. Update your polars, crossovers and targets based on your analysis. Synchronize audio, photo and videos to your track.


Add the power of databases to your performance analysis

Make end of regattas/season reports, continuously update your polars, crossovers and targets based on multiple sailing sessions. Get the exact statistics of the life of your sails and gear, and much more.


View and manage your polars
This is the most intuitive program out there to view and edit your polars, giving you the ability to easily convert them from one format to another, overlay multiple polars, and even import sailing data for more accurate modification.



Create and maintain sail crossover

Never have to think twice about which is the optimal sail for the current weather! Start building your crossover from scratch or import information from your sail designer. Update and refine the crossover using past or live sailing data for quick and accurate decisions.


Manually log events while sailing

This program, specifically customized for ondeck touch screen devices, lets you document your day while you are sailing. It lets you create variables for information not collected by your electronics, such as which sails are up, who is at the helm, what mast you are using, your level of ballast, etc…


Clean-up your logs before use with our tools

Data logs come in all shapes and forms. This handy little tool will let you merge multiple logs, convert GPX, NMEA, KML formats, filter out bad data, calculate extra variables and much more.

OnboardAsistant mobile app

Ping events from your phone while sailing

Ping sail changes, race timings, changes of helm, audios, pictures, videos and any other custom designed setting using your phone. Once done, push all the data to the cloud and easily download the data back throug hRaceReplay.

Tools and packs

Software, packs and prices

– 1 OnboardAssistant licence

– 1 CrossoverChart licence

– 1 PolarManager licence

– 1 LogCleaner licence


– 1 RaceReplay Standalone licence (see features below)
– 1 OnboardAssistant licence
– 1 LogCleaner licence
– free upgrade to all new versions

– 1 RaceReplay Pro licence (see features below)
– 1 PerfQuery Pro licence (see features below)
– 1 OnboardAssistant licence
– 1 PolarManager licence
– 1 CrossoverChart licence
– 1 LogCleaner licence
– free upgrade to all new versions
– RaceReplay and PerfQuery compatible with MySql databases

Contact for a quote.

– 1 RaceReplay Team licence (full features)
– 1 PerfQuery Team licence (full features)
– 1 OnboardAssistant licence
– 1 PolarManager licence
– 1 CrossoverChart licence
– 1 LogCleaner licence
– RaceReplay and PerfQuery compatible with MySql databases
– RaceReplay includes Grafana module
– free upgrade to all new versions
– priority customer support
Contact for a quote.

– Publish your reports on a secure web
– No more static pdf reports, you can now interact with your data on the web!
– You control who can view what
– Streamline and standardize your reporting process
– Easy generation and uploading with the SailReports app
– Pro and Team pack only
Contact for a demo and a quote.

– up to 10GB
– use anytime anywhere
– all users hook on to the same database
– compatibility with Grafana dashboards
– Pro and Team pack feature only
Contact for a quote.

– your licence(s) are in the USB key
– when you need to replace your PC, no need to buy a new SailingPerformance licence
– shipping included in the price

* All prices displayed excluding 21% Spanish VAT and credit card payment costs.

Software Pack Comparisons

Feature Basic Pro Team
Process and analyse basic performance variables from log
Process variables entered manually by user
Automatic phase/test generation
Excel reports: calibration, phases, performance, polar, optimal crossover
Prestart analysis
Upload of photos and automatic photo report generation
Basic tack and jibes viewing
Compatibility with OnboardAssistant mobile app
Advanced boat configuration management
Advanced user customization of Excel reports
Interactive CrossoverChart module
Interactive PolarManager module
Maneuvres closeup analysis
Database and PerfQuery tools
MySql compatibility
Upload and synch audio and video streams to the track
RaceReplay to Grafana dashboard extra
SailingPerformance web reports (cloud subscription) extra extra
Process all log variables (eg: load cells)
Calculated variables
Derive variables from crossover (eg: target ballast)
Custom log calibration file
Advanced calibration settings
Upload the track of competitors for boat to boat comparison
Advanced customizable tack and jibes analysis
Tack and jibe overlay and comparison
Advanced application configuration for multiple projects
Advanced log data filtering
VSpars sailvision data analysis

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