Updating my USB dongle licence

After having recieved your dongle update code by email:
–   Close the application requiring a licence update
–   Download and install the DongleUpdater from the download page
–   Plug your dongle in and run the DongleUpdater
–   Paste and copy the dongle update code and click ‘update’

Regional Settings

There are known compatibility issues with running SailingPerformance applications on a Windows Region and Language setting other than English (United Kingdom). It is strongly recommended that the Region and Language Settings be adjusted to match this. Doing this will not change the language of your computer.

Video tutorial

Run as Administrator

All SailingPerformance tools need to be run as Administrator.

Video tutorial

Retrieving the Error Log

If a bug occurs while running one of the SailingPerformance applications you may wish to email the error log to the developpers in order to help fix it. The ‘ErrorLog.txt’ file can be found in the following folder. Replace <application name> by either ‘RaceReplay’, ‘PerfQuery’ or ‘CrossoverChart’. Note that this folder may be hidden):

Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10: C:\ProgramData\SailingPerformance\<application name>

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<your account name>\Application Data\SailingPerformance\<application name>

Updating my software licence

You can update your licence for any of the application through their Help menu.