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iPolar generates sailing yachts polars of cruising yachts and cruiser racers from a very simple set of data

Mandatory Input data: Length Overall, Displacement, Mainsail area, jib area (units can be set to metric or imperial)

Optional data: Symmetrical Spinnaker area, Assymetrical spinnaker area

iPolar has been developed to generate accurate polars of cruising yachts. It currently does not handle multihulls and is limited to yachts with a size ranging from 8 to 20m. The accuracy of the application decreases for yachts whose displacement to length and sail area to displacement ratios are outside the usual range for production cruisers and cruiser racers

For each sail configuration in the input data, iPolar will compute a performance polar decribing the yacht performance in kts for wind strength ranging from 4 to 30kts and true wind angles ranging from 0° to 180°

Resulting polars can be visualized as a graph and as a table of numbers within iPolar. In addition, the polars can be sent directly to the following applications:

iRegatta : tactical application.
Tack Pad: passage planning tool.
Weather4D : weather & routing application.